Free Workshop Protein Expression & Purification

Free Protein Expression Indo-Finland grant training/workshop
                    (IV4SP- FinSynBio - Synthetic Biology 2013-2017): Funded by DBT

Course Fee: Academic: INR 2,500.00*  Non-academic: INR 7,500.00* (Fee does not include boarding and lodging for outstation participants)
Last date for application: Thursday, Jun 25th, 2015
Training Starts : Monday, Jul 20th, 2015
Cell-free expression system is emerging as a powerful tool for protein expression. The immense potential of cell-free protein synthesis has been widely recognized and is exploited in many ways. The cell-free system comprises a crude extract that includes ions (buffer) and all the macromolecular components required for translation (e.g. NTPs, ribosomes, tRNAs, transcription and translation factors etc.). The extract is also supplemented with amino acids, energy sources such as ATP, energy generating systems, cofactors and so on. In vitro protein synthesis proceeds through the addition of DNA/RNA as template in a tube comprising of the necessary machinery for protein synthesis
Objective : The objective of this workshop is to provide hands-on training on basics of cloning, cell-free protein expression and purification (basics). It aims at familiarising the researchers with cell-free expression system (for the first time in India, as far as we know) which is a rapidly growing technology with widespread applications. The program is structured for four days (tentatively beginning on July 20th).
[ Exact dates and final programme will be shared individually with selected participants]

Selected Candidates will be notified on Friday, Jun 26th, 2015