Workshop on Protein Modeling & Simulation

"4 Days Workshop on Protein Modeling & Simulation"
     Date:  20th to 23 August   2015.
The workshop is designed for researchers in the area of biotechnology, bioinformatics, pharmaceuticals and life sciences
This workshop is aimed to train researchers and research students to utilize user-friendly bioinformatics tools that can be implemented in their research to model proteins and perform simulation studies on a protein model. Participants will be exposed to predict protein structure using several automated web servers. Unfortunately, there are still many proteins especially membrane proteins are still not correctly predicted by those popular web servers.
On completion of this workshop you will be expertise in:
· The nature of biological data and need for biological databases
· To know the approaches for structure analysis and prediction of pro
Understand the need and significance of sequence analysis using Bioinformatics               approaches.
· Visualize protein structures using various visualization tools
· Perform Homology Modeling of sample proteins using Modeler.
·                     Understand concepts of Protein Simulation.
·                     Introduction to Molecular Modeling and Dynamics software of GROMACS.
·                     Performing Molecular Dynamic Simulations on Proteins.                              
In this Workshop following topics will be covered:
·                     Introduction to Biological databases
·                     Sequence alignment: BLAST, Clustal W
·                     Understanding the Protein structure and using various tools to visualize it (Discovery                        Studio, Swiss SPDV)
·                     Protein 3D Structure prediction using different tools and Servers
·                     Homology Modelling and Modeller
                         Evaluation of protein models using Pro-Check and QMean
·                     Introduction to Linux environment and Simulation studies
·                     Learning GROMACS to perform Simulation on

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