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Download Free Popular LIFE SCIENCE BOOK & Compitave Exam paper

Download Free Life Science Book for Preparation CSIR-JRG/DBT-JRF/GATE
The article is dedicated to students who believe in self study and Hard work for success. We are here to provide Free study Material for all life science book:- Molecular Biology( by Lodish,Watson,Albert),Immunology (Kubey), Gene VIII,Biochemistry (Voet &Voet) entrance and competitive exams (CSIR,DBT,GATE,IISC Paper).Click below for Download

Life Scince & Computational Biology: BIODOCK

Are you interested in Bioinformatics?
A complete Story of Professional “BIODOCKS” Installation, Tutorial

AutoDock is a molecular modeling simulation software designed to predict how small molecules, such as substrates or drug candidates, bind to a receptor of known 3D structure. 

Guidelines of Research Proposal & its Stage

Format for Research proposal

Every one is telling research? What is it? How to write the research proposal? What types of rule must be follow for research? How to write research report? How to prepare for research? If we get a answer of all question,then there will be novel discovery,which is together called as Research.

Proposal should be between 4 and 10 pages and possibly a comprehensive proposal in fewer than 1500 words.

Online Preparation of CSIR NET JRF

100 Days online course for CSIR NET 
BioTecNika is the pioneer institute in providing online and offline education for life
science people.
Course Content: 
 Detailed conceptual teaching on CSIR syllabus via PPT’s & Animations
 Access to  Online study material (Video zone of Lecture classes +
 Discussion on CSIR level quality questions and previous year questions
 from 2004-2012.
 Tips and Tricks by our Experts to solve questions using shortcuts.

Features of Our Online Study Material:
 Power points and Animations,

Tips : Competitive Exam

Competitive Exam Tips

Today competition and competitive exams have become a routine of our life. From birth till death one has to compete with both social and personal life. If a person qualify it, he step forward in his/her life but if fails either he/she try for it again or get mentally disturbed. This mental disturbance is not because he /she failed rather it is the fear of society. Though luck is one of the factors for success but hard work rules over it, so we should not blame our luck. First we should note down our negative points or drawbacks. Some of the common points in a human are:

1. Fear: It is the major factor of failure as it diverts one from destiny. One stop working for self rather does it to show the society. This thinking day by day changes the competitive status to fear status. So we should first avoid the interference of society in our talent.

Biotechnology Department of IADC

Visit this site to get current issue of job oppertunity,PhD programme as well as Training information

Biotechnology Department of IADC